Invigorate your senses.

Massage can be a powerful tool to help you take charge of your health and well being, whether you have a specific condition or just looking for another stress reliever.


Swedish massage

Primarily relaxation style that can be enjoyed by everyone . The techniques used in this treatment are : effleurage, petrissage, friction , vibration , percussion and passive movements like bending and stretching.


Deep Tissue Massage

Slow strokes and firm pressure is applied in order to reach deeper layer of muscle sand surrounding connective tissue


Trigger Point Therapy

Specifically designed to alleviate source of pain , by using deep pressure and release techniques during massage session. Muscles with active trigger points are unable to preform full range of motion. Other muscles are recruited to preform activity of compromised one , and often develop trigger points themselves if the original muscle is not treated. Direct pressure is applied to specific points on tender muscle tissue to promote tension reduction .

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We are happy to accept auto and work injuries through insurance. These appointments require different scheduling process. To be contacted with ADMIN please call (978) 943 6442 or email your request to faceandbodycompany@gmail.com


Maternity Massage

Perfect combination of relaxing and deep tissue massage. The techniques are adapted to address changes the mother goes through her pregnancy. Special support pillow system used during the session allows moms to be in safe and comfortable position.

Hot Stone Massage

Perfectly smooth basalt stones are warmed in water bath . Combination of pressure and heat allows to release tension and increase circulation in deep layer of muscles